I’m a Failure at Life

Have you ever had this thought? Well, I have too. As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking this way a lot more recently. Here’s the kicker though, I’m not a failure at life, it just feels like it sometimes.

About eight weeks ago or so, I posted a blog called The 10X Rule: Part 1. Go ahead and have a read, If you haven’t. It’s all about a book I read written by Grant Cardone. At its precepts, it’s a pretty inspiring book. So, after reading it, I wrote a blog, and I vowed to you, my readers, that I would double my efforts to be a more productive, successful man.

Here is what I promised to do:

  1. Workout twice a day – (almost happened… if you include walking)
  2. Meditate twice a day – Happened for a week… then hardly at all.
  3. Two Vocal Technique Work Sessions – Kinda, sort of.
  4. Do two things a day I don’t want to but should – This was cool while it lasted, but only lasted about two weeks.
  5. Writing twice a day – This is my first blog in like three weeks.

Obviously, I’m a failure at life!

It’s amazing how hard I am on myself when I think about these things. But, as with most things, there are two sides to every story. Here’s what I did do over the last eight weeks as it pertained to my goals.

  1. I worked out a lot, even when I didn’t want to.
  2. I kept meditation on my mind, so even though I didn’t reach my goal, I still benefited.
  3. I sang. And I sang a lot, including a trip to NYC for two big auditions. I might not be able to pinpoint two sessions every day where I strictly worked on technique, but I studied and sang my face off.
  4. Something I loved was the idea of making sure to do something I should that I don’t want to. I made multiple doctors appointments and caught up with plenty of people that I could help.
  5. Writing twice a day is the one thing I failed the most. But I realized, I love to write, but I can’t do it this way. So now, I devote Mondays entirely to writing and blogging.

I Was Only “Failing at Life” In Order To Learn How to Organize my life.

So here’s what this whole experiment boiled down to for me. I couldn’t do things the way I thought this guy in the book told me to. I thought, I’m a failure at life. Something needed to change.

When I felt like I was failing at life, and I didn’t see the body results I hoped for, or my blog posts weren’t piling up, that made me sad. It made me mad at myself. And then, it made me change my thinking.

So what? My original 10X regiment didn’t work. However, In those eight weeks, I accomplished a lot. And now, most importantly, I have better insight into what I need to do to succeed in life.

As a matter of fact, as I sit here and write this, thinking about how my day went, I’m actually fortunate. I woke up at 5am this morning, made coffee, read a little bit from two books, spent time with my pregnant wife (that make me biologically successful! lol), spoke to family, did a 40 minute Beachbody LIIFT4 workout, had breakfast, more coffee, studied for an hour, and all before noon.

So What Do I Do Next? Re-evaluate.

I’m not a failure; I just have to reorganize the way I think to optimize my time and goals. So in the last eight weeks, I’ve learned:

  1. Monday’s are writing days
  2. Every day is a workout day
  3. Every day is a singing day
  4. If I want to write more, I will
  5. I’ll try to meditate, even if it’s for 60 seconds
  6. And doing things I should do that I don’t want to is just part of being an adult, and I just have to get better at that! Ha.

So If you have felt the way I have felt, make a list of all the things you have done. If that doesn’t seem impressive, don’t do what I did and try to be great at everything all at once.

Find out what makes you most efficient. Use baby steps. Be proud of even the tiniest things that you have done so that every eight weeks that goes by, you can actually look back and say, “I’m better off now than I was then.”

This is the secret to not failing at life. This is the secret to succeeding at it. Let’s hope I remember that over the next eight weeks 🙂

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Feel free to read my past blogs and listen to some clips of my performances as well. Don’t forget to subscribe! See you next week!