Welcome to my site. I am Joshua Dennis. Since you are here, please wander around. While you are here, enjoy this favorite clip of mine. Press play below to see Utah Opera’s Romeo et Juliette! Once you’ve done that you can read through my blog. In addition, there is much more to be seen in the menu. In the menu, for instance, you’ll see videos, my bio, audio, and pictures. Enjoy!

Latest Blog Posts

  • #MeToo in Opera: It Was A Different Time Then
    In the wake of the newest Placido Domingo investigation, I feel like I need to say something. “It was a different time then” is not an excuse! It’s a cop-out! #MeToo in the world of opera right now is alive and strong. Dear older generations of people who are using this phrase to justify ugly … Read more
  • One Kind Gesture Made Me Kinder.
    What I do know is that a straight forward honest compliment feels great. I straight forward dishonest compliment feels great too! Being nice feels great!
  • The 10X rule: Part 1
    The 10X rule basically means WORK 10 TIMES HARDER THAN ANYONE ELSE! There is a caveat, though. You should also set your goals much higher than you normally would or are comfortable with than usual. For instance, if you want to make $1000 per week, why not 10X rule it and set your goal for … Read more
  • Google Your Own Obituary: Life and Death
    Life is short, so do something!
  • How Positive Affirmation Enhanced My Singing
    Positive affirmations has enhanced my singing in more ways than I could have imagined. Here's how I replaced negative talk with positive affirmations.

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